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2830 Rain Road, Chapman, Kansas 67431

Benefits of Being a SAKW Member

1. Day to day services of SAKW Executive Director is provided

  • makes visits to watershed district board meetings to give update on SAKW activities
  • works closely with USACE, USFWS, NRCS, KDHE, KDWP&T, KWO, and KDA/DWR and DOC on policy rules and regulations interpretation, enforcement, and development
  • conducts bi-monthly partnering meetings
  • provides assistance with training needs
  • maintains Dam Watch program interface
  • attends SCC meetings as a voice for watershed districts
  • is a sounding board for watershed district concerns
  • requests topics for newsletter and SAKW annual meeting program
  • manages SAKW website
  • maintains watershed district e-mail groups for instant messaging
  • provides alliance with WRAPS groups
  • maintains membership to and attends meetings of KWC, KAFM, ASDSO, and KACD
  • attends Governors Water and the Future of Kansas conferences

2. One voice representing each member watershed district before state and federal congresses

  • registered lobbyist for SAKW
  • campaigns for watershed program funding
  • tracks legislation that may impact watershed districts
  • partners with KLA, KWC, KACD, and KFB on related legislation
  • participates in legislative hearings
  • attends listening tours of federal legislators in Kansas
  • provided liaison between KDA and watershed districts with Third Party Agency management

3. Receive individual board member copies of "Kansas Watershed District Story"
4. Receive copies of quarterly SAKW newsletter
5. Provided a direct link to National Watershed Coalition through board of director member from SAKW
6. SAKW maintains alliance with consulting engineers as technical service providers to watershed districts
7. Provides land owner bill of rights as far as dams are concerned

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